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Ukulele Lessons Orange County

Looking to learn the ukulele? The ukulele is a fun and easy instrument to learn! Stop by for a free complimentary assessment and you’ll fall in love with the Uke after your first lesson!

Why choose the Ukulele Lessons with Analog?

1. You’ll learn fast! –  You won’t need to put it hours of tedious practice to progress quickly. We teach in an efficient manner that allows even the busiest professional to learn as fast as possible. You’ll literally be learning songs after your first lesson.

2. It’s fun! – The ukulele is a fun instrument that everyone loves to listen to. It travels well

3. Our Personal Ukulele Library – We have our own unique personal library of customized arrangements for the ukulele. You won’t find these anywhere else! Everything from traditional Hawaiian Music to Punk songs all arranged for the ukulele. You can even  request your own songs upon signing up.

What you’ll learn as a beginner

1. Chords and strumming patterns that allow you to play your favorite songs
2. How to play along with other ukulele players
3. How to play Chord Melodies  

What you’ll learn as an advanced player

1. Complex strums and rhythms
2. Advanced ukulele related music theory
3. Improvisation techniques
4. How to create and write your own arrangements

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