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Top 10 Weezer guitar riffs

Here are a list of 10 awesome Weezer guitar riffs. As noted, Some of the songs require tuning a half step down to play with the recording.

1. Surf Wax America (Tune 1/2 step down)

surf wax america

2. Hash Pipe

Hash Pipe

3. Undone (The Sweater Song) (Tune 1/2 step down)


4. El Scorcho (Tune 1/2 step down)


5. Island in the Sun


6. My Name is Jonas (Tune 1/2 step down)


7. Pork and Beans ( Tune 1/2 step down)

Pork and Beans

8. Burndt Jamb

Burndt Jamb

9. Say it Ain’t So (Tune 1/2 step down)

say it aint so

10. Beverly Hills (Solo)


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