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Guitar Lessons Orange County

The Guitar is a fun and dynamic instrument to learn. It’s a skill you can carry with you the rest of your life. Analog Music Studios is the premiere spot for guitar lessons in Orange County. If you don’t have a guitar that’s no problem! You can borrow one of ours to start. Learn both acoustic or electric.

Why choose Guitar Lessons with Analog?

1. Learn any style! –  Any style you want to learn is available. From Jazz to Hardcore to Blues, you’ll learn the genres of your choice. You won’t be forced into learning material you don’t want to learn.

2. Material! – With an extensive library of learning tools, you’ll have access to everything you are looking for. If you’re tired of browsing around youtube watching videos that don’t make sense, take some lessons with us and you’ll learn how to play exactly what you’re looking for!

3. Our Practical Application Method  – When it comes to learning music, we teach what we call the “Practical Application Method” to guitar. You’ll learn through playing and doing rather than following a specific set of rules. What we do in our lessons will sound good and yield results. You won’t follow and “graduate” from boring beginners books in order to learn what you want to learn. You’ll learn the theory behind guitar in a way that you can directly relate it to your instrument.

What you’ll learn as a beginner

1. Chords and strumming patterns that allow you to play your favorite songs
2. Beginner scales and solos
3. How to play Chord Melodies

What you’ll learn as an intermediate player

1. Different chord voicings and inversions
2. More in depth Scales and soloing techniques
3. How to play songs by ear

What you’ll learn as an advanced player

1. Complex strums and rhythms
2. Advanced Guitar related music theory
3. Advanced Improvisation techniques
4. How to create and write your own arrangements

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