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Bass Lessons Orange County

Into rhythm and booming bass lines? Take bass lessons with Analog Music Studios and you’ll be dropping the fattest bass lines in Orange County! Both acoustic and electric bass lessons are available.

Why choose the Bass Lessons with Analog?

1. There’s only four strings?! –  You’ll learn how to play bass quicker than guitar. Because the bass only has 4 strings you won’t need to worry about learning full chords which will let you focus on learning and playing some awesome bass lines!

2. It Sounds great! – The bass is a fun instrument to play because it has that big booming sound. You’ll learn to how keep time and rhythm and play with a drummer.

3. You’ll learn fast! –  You’ll be playing bass lines after your first lesson. You’ll be on your way to playing all your favorite bass lines in no time. That’s great because let’s face it…There’s at least one bass line out there that is inspiring you and calling your name. It’s telling you to learn the bass!

What you’ll learn

1. How to write your own Bass lines
2. Techniques specific to the style of music you’re interested in
3. How to listen to songs and play along


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