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John Mayer – Paper Doll Ukulele Chords

This new John Mayer Song (supposedly about Taylor Swift!!) translates great on to the ukulele. I have a low G string on my Tenor. The intro riff repeats throughout most of the song. G:0232 D:2220 Cadd9:523x Em:0432 *This file represents the author’s interpretation of this song. It is intended solely for private study, research or scholarship

Elliott Smith – Angeles Ukulele Chords

Here is a fun one by Elliott Smith. It’s a bit tricky with all the chord changes. I played this on my tenor uke with a low G string. There are two different Am9 Chords in this song. Am9 chords are made up of 4 notes which are A,C,E,B. The first version is fingered: 2002 This Makes the notes in order A,C,E,B. The second version is fingered: 4000 This makes Read More